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5 Ideas to a Cozy Interior Patio That You’ll Really Love

Ideas to achieve a cozy interior patio where you can enjoy

A patio in the house is halfway between the exterior and interior space, so it serves as a transition and connects the outside with the inside, providing a lot of light and ventilation. With these interior patio ideas, we are sure that your home will be much more habitable and the quality of life will be multiplied.

How to take advantage of an interior patio

These interior patio ideas are just some interesting suggestions that will help you to take advantage of the available space. From using this area of ​​the house as an extension of the living room to equipping the patio with plants to give it a more natural environment or creating differentiated areas with changes in flooring or even, there’s so much you can do on your patio. On all these style ideas, the design of the patio must be combined with a good decoration that reinforces the desired objective and which does not limit the main purpose: To provide light and ventilation to the rest of the house.

Ideas to decorate your interior patio

The design of an exterior patio is always simpler compared to an interior space because due to the amount of light that arrives, we can place many more types of decorative elements. In the case of small enclosed patios, the main difficulty is the lack of space, which forces us to be more imaginative with the proposed solutions.

Take advantage of the walls

If space is an issue, why not take advantage of the walls? Cordovan and Andalusian patios are full of pots hanging from the walls. This is already, in itself, a very interesting decorative style because it does not subtract surface from the pavement. You can place pictures, farming implements, branches or ropes.

Play with the lights

The ideas for the backyard, when it is not directly connected to the outside, should go in the direction of solving what is missing. In this way, if there is not enough light, one option is to illuminate the available space well with outdoor ceiling lights, wall sconces or even string lights. This same option can be implemented in the design of the outdoor patio, but including wall lights, spotlights or recessed for surface.

Convert the patio into a dining room

This is one of the most engaging patio ideas. To achieve this, simply place a table and several chairs accompanied by a centerpiece with flowers and some pots around it. The best thing in this case is to cover the patio with a pergola or patio screens, so that it does not prevent the entry of natural light and is useful even on rainy days. In addition, this proposal frees up space inside the house and gains in spaciousness in the kitchen and living room.

The ideas for the interior patio are innumerable. The key lies in converting this space into one more room in the house and one that allows for maximizing the quality of life.

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