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Christmas Gift Ideas to Surprise

Among so many parties, celebrations, meetings and gift exchanges, it is completely normal that finding that perfect gift is a challenge or, that the time comes when you run out of ideas about what to give to friends and family for this Christmas or the day of Kings.

It will be impossible that after reviewing the list of ideas below you do not find that or those gifts that you have been trying to locate for days. Let’s do it!

A wine cellar at home

Visualize this: coming home after a long day at work and sipping a good wine in front of the fireplace. Isn’t that perfect? With the Chanson wine cellar, you will be giving away the opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace at home.

It has a capacity for 18 bottles, an anti-vibration system, interior light and a very elegant and sophisticated glass and black finish.

For kitchen lovers

Multifunction kitchen robots are an original and practical gift to enjoy alone or in the company. The right bet is the Taurus MXKA900X kitchen robot.

Thanks to its use, every day in the kitchen will become a new adventure in which to experiment with numerous recipes with the advantage of saving time. In addition, the best thing about this gift is that it is valid for both expert chefs and novices.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are a wonderful way to relax and spend time with friends or family. They can also help you express your creativity while making the drawings come to life.

You can find a great variety of very creative coloring books at PreciousRay Etsy store, and best of all, of great quality and at excellent prices.

Pen 3d: Print personalized gifts!

Do you want to give something unique? The Imagine 3D pen is like a 3D printer, but more manageable and versatile. With it, you can create objects and shapes in three dimensions very easily and freehand, and even decorative objects you have at home. It is the perfect gift to let creativity fly regardless of any age limit.

For the most creative

Do you want to enhance your creative side? Give him several Montana PRO paint sprays in gold, silver and copper. This type of paint is suitable for all types of surfaces and with its plastic, artistic and decorative works can be carried out.

In addition, it has a high covering power and very fast drying. Its use is very simple: shake vigorously until you hear the noise of the mixer and spray on the desired surface, leaving a recommended distance of 20 cm. A very original gift that they will enjoy.

A gift to last

Any tech addict will enjoy this selfie ring. It is a tripod with support for the smartphone and a built-in 10W light ring to improve any selfie or video photography.

It has three adjustable light temperatures (warm, neutral and cold) and a remote control. This gift is perfect for setting up your own recording studio, creating a natural light effect that will give you a perfect result.

Speaker lamp, two gifts in one!

With this gift you cannot fail. The Bubble table lamp with integrated LED light is made of plastic and has a satin white finish. It is a beautiful lamp that also fulfills the function of a speaker, Bluetooth and USB. Have it all!

The color of the light is changeable and thanks to its comfortable handle, you can transport it to any room easily and comfortably. In addition, it includes a remote control that facilitates its use and is also suitable for outdoor use. The charging time is 1 hour.

Ok google

Adjust the temperature of the heating, know the weather forecast, play YouTube videos… and even a digital photo frame! The Google Nest HUB virtual assistant has a smart screen through which to control almost any part of the house, from electronic devices to television or light.

All this in the most comfortable way, with a simple command through the voice. An off-road gift!

A place to have fun in the garden

If you are thinking of a gift that the little ones will like, the Winnie wooden children’s shed will be a success. With this gift you will be giving them a refuge in which to spend hours and feel free. This cabin is made of paneled pine wood with autoclave treatment and has a small balcony.

They will be able to enjoy a play space outside the house. The walls are 12 mm thick. Its total measurements are: 175 x 210 x 167 cm; and the interior measurements of: 109 x 1.56 x 109 cm (width x height x depth).

Bring the illusion home with a train for the Christmas tree

The Christmas figures, in addition to being ideal to decorate any home, are perfect to give to a loved one. This original Christmas train is made of multicolored plastic and is ideal for placing around the Christmas tree.

It will become the perfect complement to decorating your living room or bedroom or to give a cozy touch to your home. A beautiful, original and different gift with which you will surprise and excite.

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