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Decoration These Are The Trends For The Second Half Of 2021 And Early 2022

Decorative trends have evolved throughout the pandemic, from natural hues to 1970s influences to modern ones. There are some trends that will be dominant in the second half 2021 and early 2022.

For the next seasons, colors, shapes, and spaces that reflect joy and tranquility will be crucial. The world is slowly returning to pre-pandemic conditions.

We share some decorating trends for the second half 2021 and early 2022.

Natural or neutral colors

The second half of 2021, and the early part of 2022 will see neutral or natural color as the top decoration trend. This is because many people spend too much time in their homes, so bright colors can become distracting.

Achromatic colors, such as beige, white, and different shades of gray, can form the foundation of your space.

Round shapes

Round shapes are another great trend for the second half 2021 and the early 2022, in both architecture and design.

Furniture without corners, tables and lamps, as well as sofas, chairs, tables, tables, ottomans, and sofas, is a reflection of the soft, feminine form.

Influences of the seventies

Contrary to neutral colors, the seventies are coming back. Bright tones and prints, as well as retro furniture, are some of the major trends for the upcoming seasons.

The seventies are associated with playfulness and can be perfectly integrated into the Scandinavian, Art Deco, or minimalist styles. This style is best recreated with furniture that has flowing lines and bright colors of pink, blue, and green.


Many people tried to get rid their old stuff at home during the pandemic. This is why minimalism, or minimal decoration and simplicity, is one of the most popular trends. Furniture.

Minimalist minimalism is all about shape. More is less.

Green walls

Green walls are another big trend for this year. They will be around in 2021 and 2022. Green is essential for spaces like the living room to bring joy and refreshment.

Walls and wallpaper in neutral pastel colors with a hint or gray can be mixed with warm grays and terracotta for a subtle contrast.

Spaces for sharing

One trend that is set to last is the combination of rooms within the loft principle. Functionality and ergonomics have been proven essential by the pandemic and isolation. Spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room merge into one common space.

Similar to apartments and houses, space has been transformed into offices, gyms and entertainment areas. Despite this merger, privacy is essential. Glass and metal doors and screens are great options.

Inspiration comes from the natural world

Insulation has demonstrated how important it is for you to surround yourself with natural materials, textures, and design inspiration from nature.

Stones like granite, onyx and marble are the most in-demand textures. Light wood is a big trend in furniture. You can complement your furniture with linen, cotton, and ceramics.

Work space

The workspace is a must-have trend in your home.

Good lighting is essential for any work space, be it in the bedroom or the living room.

Garden at home

The creation of green spaces or gardens at home was influenced by the environment and its development.

** Plant parenting and urban jungle are two great trends that will be around until 2022. Since landscaping is an important part of regaining hope and joy, it will also continue to be so. **

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