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How to Remodel to Increase Ceiling Height

Making the ceiling higher in a room can give the illusion of more space. By increasing the height of the ceiling, you have more options for overhead lighting fixtures and wall decor, as well as the possibility of larger windows. For instance, commercial spaces often feature 8-foot windows for ample lighting. However, this renovation requires structural reinforcement and may necessitate temporarily vacating the dwelling during construction. Despite the inconvenience, the final outcome will be worth the effort and investment.

One approach to increasing ceiling height is to create a vaulted ceiling in the main living areas, and for this, it is recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor to assess the attic joists and make the necessary changes to accommodate a height reduction of 8 feet. Iron brackets can be used to reinforce the roof’s frame. Another option is to construct vaulted ceiling rafters along half the slope of the exterior ceiling in rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom, or main living room.

Roof remodeling can result in a 10-foot increase in roof height. To achieve this, a custom-made frame can be used to raise the entire ceiling higher using the attic space. This can be done by increasing the height of the roof by 18 to 24 inches. The sides of the roof should be sloped, giving it a tray-like appearance. Recessed lighting can be installed around the perimeter of the room before adding drywall.

A dormer effect can be created by raising a portion of the roof. Imagine a 30-foot long deck at the back of the house being raised to create a wedge shape. The space created by the wedge can be framed for windows that provide a view of the garden. Side-by-side windows can be installed along the edge of the dormer to allow for ample light in the room below it.

A skylight can be added to bring in natural light. Create an axis in the living room with a skylight in the ceiling by building an 8-square-foot frame to channel light through a pyramid-shaped well. The 8-square-foot shaft should reach a 4-square-foot skylight on the roof of the house. Drywall can be installed to line the well for a finished look.

Finally, the ceiling height can be raised to approximately 9 feet. This can be done in the attic by planning to raise all the ceiling joists in a single-story home or second-story area. The ceiling of each room will be raised just above the drywall by re-installing the joists higher in the attic frame and removing the existing joists and roofing material. The new 9-foot ceiling drywall can be added and finished with joint compound, with the final touch-up being the painting of the ceiling and wall areas.

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