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How to Choose the Perfect Rug

How to choose the perfect rug

Area rugs are natural insulators and help reduce noise while providing warmth and comfort for bare feet. They are easy to clean and allow you to add color and style to a room.

Large area rugs are generally used in family rooms or dining rooms. Hallway rugs are also perfect for stairs and doorways.

On the other hand, area rugs transform any room, whether it be with one of these handmade, machine-made or shaggy rugs. Area rugs provide a focal point for your room’s design. They not only add to the look of a room, but also create an environment that adds color, shape, and texture. Area rugs come in many different sizes and shapes, with the most common shape being a rectangle. Area rugs can protect your floors and help retain heat or insulate against heat.

Persian rugs are one of the most enduring design styles in home décor, popular for many centuries, and you can certainly get these rugs very easily from any local persian rug dealer, but whenever you go out to buy one, be sure to get it from a trustable dealer and also ensure that the rug you’re buying is a genuine Persian rug.

Persian rugs are also distinguished by their material, dye, and number of knots. Iran has long been known as a major producer of hand-woven Persian rugs. They are generally classified according to the region in which they are made, and what really sets Persian rugs apart are their curvaceous designs. Knot count is high, typically a thousand knots per square inch, making the weave very tight; this is called a Persian knot. Persian rugs are the perfect rug for the person who wants to bring a bit of history and style to their home or office.

Shaggy rugs are traditional rugs, classic, contemporary, transitional rugs and are considered modern rugs. Shaggy rugs are ideal for photography, also for photos, photoshoots, movies and advertising. A shag rug is handcrafted from the finest wool for elegance, comfort and durability.

Similarly, wool rugs are perfect for hallways, stairs and doorways. You can decide to brighten your hallway with a rug or cover and charm your staircase. They can help reduce the risk of injury on slippery stairs or wet floors. These rugs are great under dining room tables, in entryways, or anywhere with high traffic like hallways and stairs.

Finding rugs for the patio, deck, and any other outdoor area is a joy. Outdoor rugs are available in almost as many styles as indoor rugs. Outdoor rugs can help you design your outdoor area at a very affordable cost.

Tips for choosing a rug

Choose quality

You can find in the market today many rugs of various qualities. You can choose from wool rugs, silk rugs, polyester or acrylic rugs, and handmade rugs. Wool rugs are considered by most people to be the most luxurious rugs available. Buying a wool rug is the best option for high-traffic areas since its color and fibers remain intact over time.

Check your budget

It is very important to always have your expendable budget for any purchase you want to make for your home. Even if it’s for a rug. It is recommended to make a list of the characteristics of your dream carpet and thereby avoid spending your money incorrectly. You can also look for discount stores where you can find good quality rugs at a great price.

Measure up to size

Before you go shopping for a rug, make sure you have measured the dimensions of each room so you know what size rug to choose. For your dining room choose a rug that covers the dining table and chairs, while for the living room the table should be in the middle of the rug. For the rest of the house, for example, at the entrance, it is not necessary to put any furniture on the carpet. However, bathroom rugs are usually oval or square and not much smaller than living room rugs.

Select the right rug shape

The most common shapes of rugs are rectangular, square, round and oval. The choice of shape must be in accordance with the size of the room and the formation of the furniture. Most rugs are made in a rectangular shape as it seems the most appropriate for any size of room. In case you have a round table it would be better to also opt for a round rug as if it were going to hug your furniture. We are used to oval children’s rugs in bathrooms or children’s rooms, while square rugs are better for placing them in empty spaces such as entrances.

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