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How To Clean Suede Or Nubuck

Suede is in fashion, even this summer we have seen suede sandals, skirts and vests in firms such as Zara or Mary Paz. In another article we talked about how to clean upholstery, and today we talk about how to clean suede or nubuck, a beautiful but delicate material.

Tricks To Clean Suede Or Nubuck

Suede or suede is a very soft type of leather that has been marinated and tanned, this type of material is beautiful and adapts easily, but it is quite delicate. In any supermarket you will find products in the form of spray suitable for cleaning them, but we will tell you useful homemade tricks that can help you clean your bag or your suede shoes.

First of all, caution you cannot use any stain remover product – that you have at home – since suede can deteriorate. Before trying anything, use a little of the product in an inconspicuous area of ??the shoe or suede garment.

What Do You Need

1-. An Old Toothbrush

It is convenient that you get a soft bristle brush (an old toothbrush or one with metal bristles will do) to use it on the suede, the brush helps to keep the skin more beautiful since it removes small dust or dirt particles that they stick to the skin.

2-. The Magic Sponge / Eraser

It is a type of white sponge, very practical to use on stains (from the wall, from sports shoes, scratches). You have it in supermarkets for a cheap price. I know there is the Scotch Britte brand, as well as Mercadona. They are inexpensive and I was very practical to remove small stains. These types of sponges get you out of more than one predicament.

To use it a little moistened on the stain, rub gently and you will see how the sponge is dragging the stain until it is completely removed. If the stain is dry, moisten the magic sponge in very hot water.

Rub several times and wait 20 minutes, you will see how the sponge will “wear out” and in that work it drags the dirt. After time, rub it again, moistening it again in hot water. You will see how the stain disappears or fades a lot. You can use this sponge for all types of stains, it is quite effective.

3-. Newspaper to absorb moisture

If your shoes have gotten wet, it is important to put newspaper inside them. If the suede gets very wet, it leaves a fence. If you have already had a fence, you can use the magic sponge as we mentioned in the previous step.

4-. Hot water and a little dishwasher

Stubborn stains such as oil can be removed using hot water with a little dishwasher (type Fairy or similar), dilute a few drops of dishwasher in very hot water, gently impregnate the brush and rub (make it soft as if stroking the skin).

With a cloth soaked in water, the area is wetted gently and with a dry cloth it is put on top to absorb it. After half an hour if the stain is very resistant, the operation is repeated. Then leave inside the newspaper for several hours.


Put newspaper inside so it can absorb moisture. Do not put the suede object near a stove or heat source. Better to let it air dry in a cool place. If it is a garment, you can hang it by placing a towel on top for example. If it is shoes or a bag inside the newspaper and you leave them in a cool place to dry, do not accelerate the drying that can dry out the skin.

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