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Tricks To Store Blankets And Duvets Without Taking Up Space

The good weather has come and with it, the time to change our winter clothes for summer clothes and to keep the bedding so warm that we now try to avoid when we get into bed so as not to get hot.

Today we bring you some tips to store your duvets, duvets and blankets taking up the least space in your closet and keeping it perfect for next winter.

Cleaning operation

As we did with our clothes when we changed the wardrobe, winter bedding must also be kept clean. Therefore, start by washing everything to remove dust, mites and dirt that has accumulated in winter and that will prevent unwanted stains from leaving when stored.

If you are going to wash it at home, remember to use a delicate program, a mild soap and wash it with cold water to prevent the duvets and blankets from spoiling. In the case of the Nordic, we recommend that you centrifuge it twice to avoid getting soap between the feathers.

Avoid using dryers because it could damage the clothes, it is better to air dry it , well stretched.

If the duvets do not fit in the washing machine or you do not want to wash it at home, you can always take it to a dry cleaner where they will take care of everything and they will deliver it to you ready to store.

Into the void

The best way to keep blankets and duvets out of space is to vacuum pack them before storing. Nowadays, we can buy vacuum storage bags ready for this type of clothing in many places .

These storage bags are very easy to use. You only need a vacuum cleaner and 60 seconds. In a moment you will see how the space occupied by the blankets and duvets has been reduced by half.

For down duvets we do not recommend this solution, as it could deteriorate. For them, you could use storage boxes .

It is important that the storage boxes are not made of cardboard as they attract insects and you could find the duvet full of holes when you want to use it again next winter.

It is best to use storage boxes with plastic lids or some other sturdy material.

It is worth incorporating some moth-proof bags just in case in the storage bags or boxes.

The right place

Now that your blankets and duvets take up half of your space, you need to find a suitable place to store it.

Remember that it should be a clean, cool, dry and dark place to prevent the bedding from deteriorating. If you do not have a specific wardrobe for this type of clothing, the attics of the wardrobe closets are usually a good option to store this type of clothing.

Another option is to organize all the bedding in the same space . To do this, place the summer sheets and bedspreads on the first level or the level that is closest to you and the winter blankets and duvets on the second level. So you will have all the clothes in the same place but well organized.

We hope these tips have helped you.

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